shampoo bars and conditioner bars clean ingredients shampoo bars and conditioner bars clean ingredients

About Us

/liv/ Nature was born out of a lifelong belief that everything we need for health and wellbeing can be found in Nature. Our Mission is to reduce plastic waste and toxins in the environment. We achieve this by providing exceptional personal care products made from the highest quality ingredients, straight from Nature that are completely sustainable and eco-friendly.

- Founder, Annie Green

Natural & Organic

Made with Organic & Natural ingredients
that are ethically sourced and carefully
selected for quality and sustainability

Customer Reviews


This combo is wonderful! I am forever changed with how I purchase shampoo and conditioner. This stuff is amazing!!

Amazon Customer

Just what I was looking for!
I just switched to shampo and conditioner bars and love that it comes unscented. Do buy a mesh bag. The shampoo foams quickly and I can feel my hair clean. The condtioner takes a few swipes on your wet hair but eventually does the job. I only put them in the tin can if traveling. It's part of my shower routine now.


Best Option!
I ordered these to take on a camping trip and loved them so much I ordered another scent for my home shower and I'll NEVER go back to bottled shampoo or conditioner again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


Great For Traveling
Took these on a trip and they fit easily in my luggage. The shampoo foams up very quickly to make a nice lather. The conditioner glides over your hair to help you detangle those ends. The only thing I would like more of is more of a rich moisturizing with the conditioner. Works great for the price and is easy and convenient.

-Kathy Ennis

It Really Works!!
My color treated hair came out soft and conditioned. I will purchase again.

-Dinwiddie Girl

Shocking how well they work
The shampoo lathers fantastically, smells great, and lasts a long time. I’ve got long, thick blonde hair and I have occasional scalp dryness, and I love the peppermint for that, it feels nice. The conditioner bar takes a little longer to get all through my hair and I tend to reapply it once to get all the tangles, but it’s no big deal for me. They would be great for travel as there isn’t anything to spill, and like I said, they last a long time without taking up all the space my usual hair care bottles would. I’d definitely repurchase these, and maybe get more scents.


The search is over!! “Subscribe”. Wow, have never had such an amazing bar shampoo...and conditioner?! What is this world? I have tried many bars trying to...

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