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Annie Green: /liv/ Nature Visionary on Nurturing Hair and Our Planet - A Journey of Inspiration

We are thrilled to announce that our fearless leader, Annie Green, founder and CEO of /liv/ Nature, has been featured in the prestigious Canvas Rebel Magazine! In this exclusive interview, Annie shares her inspiring journey of building a small business that not only nourishes your hair but also nurtures our precious planet. Join us as we delve into her story and discover the remarkable vision behind /liv/ Nature.

An Unwavering Passion for Sustainability:

Annie Green's commitment to sustainability is at the heart of /liv/ Nature. From the very beginning, she envisioned a brand that would not only provide top-quality hair care products but also contribute positively to the environment. Annie's unwavering passion for sustainability has been the driving force behind every decision made at /liv/ Nature.

Building a Small Business with a Big Impact:

Annie's journey began with a vision to create a hair care brand that embraced nature's goodness while minimizing its carbon footprint. With relentless dedication, she built /liv/Nature from the ground up, carefully curating a range of shampoo and conditioner bars that are not only effective but also eco-friendly. By eliminating plastic packaging and using natural ingredients, Annie has ensured that every product reflects her commitment to a greener future.

Nourishing Hair, Nurturing the Planet:

At /liv/ Nature, the focus is not just on nourishing hair but also on nurturing our planet. Annie believes that every small step counts towards creating a sustainable future. By opting for /liv/ Nature's shampoo and conditioner bars, customers are not only choosing products that are gentle and effective on their hair, but they are also making a conscious choice to reduce plastic waste and support a brand that prioritizes the well-being of our environment.


Annie Green, the visionary founder and CEO of /liv/ Nature, has not only created a brand that nourishes hair but also one that nurtures our precious planet. Her relentless commitment to sustainability and unwavering passion for making a positive impact are evident in every aspect of /liv/Nature. Through her journey, Annie inspires us to follow our dreams, embrace sustainability, and contribute to a better world.

Read the full version of the article featuring Annie Green's inspiring story in the Canvas Rebel Magazine.

Join the movement and embrace a sustainable hair care routine with /liv/Nature. Together, let's make a difference for our hair and our planet. šŸ’ššŸŒ