Phthalates in Shampoo | What You Need to Know

Phthalates in Shampoo | What You Need to Know

Customers sometimes ask us why our Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bar scents are so soft and subtle and why the scents don’t linger.  They sometimes ask why the scent transfer to the hair is so subtle, if at all.  The answer is simple… we don’t use synthetic perfumes and we don’t have phthalates in our products. Our scents are 100% derived from pure plant-based oils and essences and naturally some are stronger than others. 

Why is this important you ask?   In recent decades our noses have become accustomed to synthetic chemical perfumes that have “staying power”.  This “staying power” comes with a cost to our health. Phthalates are a group of chemicals commonly used as plasticizers who’s role in cosmetics and personal care products is to extend the life or fragrance. This would be all fine and dandy if they didn’t also come with a whole host of negative health impacts like Asthma, Hormone disruption, skin irritation, respiratory issues and more.  As noted in the  NIH study chart below.


In Fact, Phthalates are so well studied and known for their toxicity that several countries have banned or  restricted their use including Japan, Mexico, Canada and the European Union.  

We like a lasting fragrance as much as the next Gal, BUT, not in exchange for our health.  Using Simple, clean botanical extracts directly from Nature is the number one priority for our products at /liv/ Nature….As the name kinda implies 🌿💗🌎

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