Thoughtful Sustainable Gifts for 2023

Thoughtful Sustainable Gifts for 2023

What are sustainable gifts? The holidays are a time for happiness, family time, and, of course, exchanging gifts. Sustainable Gifts are gifts that bring joy to the recipient and don't jeopardize the health of the earth. Sustainable gifts can take many forms, such as experience-based gifts (think movie tickets or museum pass), consumable gifts that leave no trace (think coffee, wine, homemade goodies), or gifts help the recipient lower their footprint (shampoo bars, reusable shopping bags, etc.).  Giving gifts that are sustainable is becoming more and more popular and has several advantages for both the giver and the recipient. 

These gifts are selected with the goals of minimizing, reusing, and recycling; they are frequently created from environmentally friendly materials, promote regional craftspeople, and follow fair trade guidelines. 

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Here are some of the list of eco-friendly and sustainable gift ideas for your loved ones.

Plantable Gifts - A plantable gift is a unique and environmentally friendly present that allows the recipient to grow plants, fruits and vegetables or flowers from the gift itself. They come in various forms, from greeting cards to seed-embedded products like bookmarks, ornaments, or even entire plantable gift baskets.

Fun Experience Gifts - Like local Art museums, movie tickets, etc. - By choosing fun experience gifts, you're encouraging cultural enrichment and quality time with loved ones, which can be more meaningful and memorable than traditional material gifts. Overall, these gifts are not only enjoyable experiences but also promote sustainability in a broader sense by supporting local culture and reducing the environmental impact associated with physical gifts.

Get out in Nature Gifts - How about a National Park Pass? This kind of gift not only offers the joy of outdoor adventures but also contributes to the protection of precious ecosystems and promotes responsible tourism. It's a gift that fosters a love for the environment and the importance of its preservation.

Gifts that Reduce Plastics - Shampoo and Conditioner Bars and stylish reusable shopping bags are just a few of the wonderful options in the world of Eco-Friendly gift giving. By giving eco-friendly alternatives, you empower the recipient to make environmentally conscious choices, reduce their plastic usage, and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable planet. 

Magazine Subscription - Magazine subscriptions are gifts that keep on giving throughout the year, providing ongoing value and enjoyment to the recipient without generating additional waste. Just donate your magazines to your local library when you are done enjoying them. This makes them a thoughtful and sustainable choice for those who appreciate staying informed and engaged with topics related to sustainability and more.

Giving gifts in a sustainable way has real advantages for both the donor and the recipient, in addition to being a responsible decision for the environment. Sustainable presents brighten the Holiday season in many ways!