a bar of soap next to a box of conditioner liv Nature Conditioner Bar | Light Conditioning  Clarifying and Growth  Lemongrass, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil
liv nature clarifying and hair growth conditioner bar with lemongrass, lavender and tea tree oil.
Top 7 reasons why customers love liv nature.
Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner bar set is best to clarify and hair growth. They are paraben free, dye free and ph balanced.
How does tee tree shampoo and conditioner bar set smell like. Smells like tea tree oil, french lavender and zesty lemongrass.
Comparison of using liv nature tea tree conditioner bar which lasts 2x longer.
A list of ingredients of liv nature tea tree conditioner bar such as tea tree essential oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, etc.
A woman taking an outdoor shower and showing how to use liv nature conditioner bar. Wet hair thoroughly, work bar into hair, leave for a minute or 2 and finally, rinse and repeat if needed.
liv Nature conditioner bar in size 2 inches diameter, perfect conditioner bar travel size.
A woman inside the bathroom showing how to use the liv nature shampoo and conditioner combo set.
A video of a woman sharing the wonderful scent of liv Nature shampoo and conditioner set.

/liv/ Nature Conditioner Bar | Light Conditioning | Clarifying and Growth | Lemongrass, Lavender, Tea Tree Oil | Travel Essential | USA 1-pk

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Tea Tree & Lemongrass Conditioner Bar for Oily Hair

Say goodbye to oily hair with our natural, tea tree & lemongrass conditioner bar. Specially formulated to balance oil production and nourish your hair, this plastic-free bar offers a refreshing, eco-friendly solution for healthier, more manageable hair.

Key Benefits:

  • Balances Oil: Lemongrass and tea tree oil work together to control excess oil, keeping your hair fresh and clean longer.
  • Purifies & Refreshes: Lavender soothes the scalp and removes buildup, leaving your hair light and refreshed.
  • Natural & Gentle: Made with natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals that can weigh hair down.
  • Travel-Ready: Compact and solid, ideal for on-the-go use without the worry of leaks or spills.

­čîŹ Eco-Friendly: Plastic-free packaging helps reduce waste and supports sustainable living.

Experience a refreshed, balanced scalp and beautifully manageable hair with our tea tree & lemongrass conditioner bar!

Conditioner Ingredients:  Behentrimonium Methosulfate (from Rapeseed Oil), Cetearyl Alcohol (from Coconut), Cocoa Butter, Cetyl Alcohol, coconut Oil, Glycerin, *Tea Tree Essential Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, *Lavender Essential Oil. *Lemongrass Essential Oil. Vitamin E, D-Panthenol. (*Organic)

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